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Opinion Pleasanton Poll

We were not surprised that more than half of the respondents to our Bernal property poll said that they would give serious consideration to a comprehensive civic development that is a part of a signature park ala Litha Park in Ashland, OR or Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. Pleasanton does not resemble Santa Cruz or Berkeley. Pleasanton is not an extremist community. Given the facts and the options, Pleasanton residents are reasonable people who will make reasonable decisions for the good of the entire community. At some time in the near future, residents will be asked to weigh-in on the issues of extending Stoneridge Dive the few hundred yards to connect with El Charro which has a connection to I-580 and connecting El Charro to Stanley Boulevard. The issues will be fairly clear. Traffic, now clogged, will easily move onto I-580 from Hacienda Business Park. Livermore to Pleasanton traffic on Stanley Boulevard will open up so that lab workers at Sandia and LLNL will be able to quickly and safely make their way home to Pleasanton. Both road extensions will greatly improve emergency evacuation plans should our Tri-Valley research facilities become terrorist targets (visit).

The old saw that these planned road extensions will encourage more traffic and more people in more homes will be trotted out again to rally residents in those two areas to protest the long-planned General Plan road network. It is not easy to see things change in your own neighborhood but traffic is especially nettlesome. The fact is, however, that before those residents purchased their Pleasanton homes they had the opportunity to drive to City Hall to ask why Stoneridge from Santa Rita to the end is wide enough for four to six lanes. Had they done that, they would have learned that Stoneridge has always been planned to connect to El Charro. At that time, they could have chosen to make their purchase or move to a different neighborhood. Protesting after the fact is a little disingenuous(click).

Do you favor completing Pleasanton’s approved, long-planned road and street network including Stoneridge Drive to El Charro and El Charro to Stanley Boulevard? claim


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